What will be the biggest trends in the influencer industry, what will we see more – and less of in 2020? At United Influencers, we have tracked the most outstanding trends through 2019, and gathered what we predict to be the most important to keep in mind when planning the influencer strategy for the upcoming year. 

Campaigns with a meaning are prioritised

The trend is loud and clear; influencers want to use their position to do something good for the society. Collaborations with brands that has a deeper meaning for the influencer and their audience are preferred over the more superficial collabs. We expect the focus on sustainability and environmental friendly products and services to increase in popularity, in addition to collabs with brands who doesn’t contribute to negative- self esteem or body image. The responsibility that comes with being an opinion leader is taken seriously, influencers are aware of their influence and takes this into consideration before deciding to work with a new brand. 

This trend means that advertisers will face higher expectations and requirements from the influencers. It will be expected that advertisers have a sustainable brand with values matching the influencers’, that other advertisements from the brand aren’t contributing to a negative body image and that products and services are of high quality.  

Advertisers expect higher competence and professionalism from influencers 

While the influencers are stepping up their game to do good, advertisers are increasing their expectations for competence and professionalism. It is no longer “enough” to have a big following on social media. The competition to land the best commercial deals are getting higher as the industry itself is evolving. In 2020, it will be expected that influencers have great insight and understanding of their own audience, knowledge of marketing and sales in their own channels, in addition to a clear and consistent personal brand. 

One of the most important things to consider for an advertiser, is that the influencer’s profile goes well with the advertiser’s brand. Common values and an audience in the brand’s target group are crucial for success. 

Influencers doing a good job developing their own brand, delivering solid content of high quality, answering the brief, keeping deadlines, acting professional and following laws and regulations will be the ones landing the best commercial deals of 2020. 

Influencer trends

Nano- and micro influencers to increase in popularity

Number of followers and likes are less important in 2020. Influencers with a smaller audience are more popular than ever and profiles with as little as 1000 followers experience offers of commercial collaborations. It is the influencer’s authenticity, trust and general engagement in the target group that has highest value amongst advertisers. Influencers with less followers often have a closer relationship with their followers, which leads to better results in commercial collaborations. 

More automated and scalable influencer marketing

An increased amount of influencer campaigns will be purchased through online marketplaces offering influencer booking at scale. To be able to reach a wide audience through big national or international campaigns, more advertisers are spending their dollars on easy-to-use and scalable booking tools. This method also makes it easier for smaller brands with lower budgets to implement influencer marketing to their marketing mix. 

Influencers are infiltrating traditional marketing 

Through the past year, we have experienced a trend where advertisers are thinking smarter and more 360° with the use of influencers in their marketing mix. For example in their own channels and in other marketing campaigns. This can be both in context of an ad in the influencer’s channels, but also as pure celebrity endorsement where the influencer are hired to be an ambassador or the face of the brand in commercials. Use of the influencer’s brand can be done in all channels, such as website, webshop, TV-commercials, outdoor advertisement or in social media ads where the advertiser is the sender. 

Below you can find several examples of how influencers are used in commercials in 2019. 

Other trends we will see more of in 2020: 

It is no longer about why you should use influencers, it’s about how you do it. Long term strategies and solid concepts delivers better results compared to single campaigns and are very popular amongst the advertisers. The focus in 2020 will be around how you create a strong relationship to the influencer’s target group. 

Influencer marketing is not limited to the fashion- and beauty industry. This old myth will be buried for good in 2020. Through the past years, we have seen a large increase of influencer campaigns coming from industries such as finance and technology. We expect this trend to proceed and that more new product categories will be introduced to influencer marketing in the year to come. 

Influencers focusing on a specific niche will increase in popularity. Trust, expertise and high competence in specific interest fields are more popular than ever. 

TikTok and Twitch are big favorites, and the place to be if you want to build relations to generation z our young millennials. Twitch are particularly relevant to reach a male target group and has passed 15 million daily users. Tik Tok has over 1,5 billion downloads. Read more about Twitch here and about Tik Tok here.

Virtual influencers on the rise in the global market. Could this be the future of influencer marketing? The past years several virtual influencers has popped up – and the audience loves them! Many of them already have hundreds and thousands of followers and the biggest, Lil Miquela, has more than 1,8 million followers. The virtual influencers are already getting a lot of commercial collaborations and we can’t wait to see when the first Nordic one shows up. Read more here.  

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