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Client cases



The main purpose of the project was to create a consistent brand presence on social media in connection to the release of Valio’s new products – ProFeel. 

– Research, negotiation and relevance analysis of suitable influencers

– Concept development in agreement with media buyer agency

– Advisory

– Project management


– Five Swedish influencers was activated for the project. 

– 15+ Instagram posts and stories were published under a period of three months. The content was also distributed through Facebook and Instagram Ads in a total period of one year. 

– The organic reach exceeded 250% in comparison to number of followers.

– The influencer driven content was distributed on both the client and the influencer’s main social media platforms together with traditional digital advertising.

– The main focus was product and brand awareness. In the influencer’s self made content the main focus was on specific products. In the general campaign material the main focus was on the brand itself.

For more info about this campaign contact – Jakob Wigselius